Diploma in Civil Surveyor Lowest Fee Course in Bhakkar 331-5999937 - Burewala

Thursday, 9 March 2017

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City: Burewala, Punjab
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Diploma in Civil Surveyor Lowest Fee Course in Bhakkar 331-5999937 , The course is conducted in combination of Distance Learning Mode and field training , The Academy provides online support and field training with latest tools of Total Station, DGPS, GIS, CAD and Remote Sensing , By enrolling in these courses a student can complete the studies in distance learning mode, and attend the field training for a short duration , Concept of measurement of mass, force, time and space, system of units, Fundamental & Derived units, conversion of units, required accuracy of results
General Principles of static’s, Vector addition, subtraction and products,
Resultant of distributed (linear & non linear) force systems, General conditions of equilibrium of co-planer forces, Laws of triangle, parallelogram and polygon of forces, Types of Beams, supports and loads, simple cases of axial forces, shear forces and bending moment diagrams, Problem involving friction on flat surfaces
Geometrical properties of plane areas Work, energy, power, impulse, momentum, conservation of momentum and energy Rectilinear and curvilinear motions, Tangential and normal components of Acceleration, Simple harmonic motion Computers have reinvented the way we see our world. Surveying and mapping have evolved into geomatics—a growing field that uses satellite receivers, electronic survey equipment and computer software to map natural and man-made physical features, property boundaries , Collect spatial data in the field using electronic survey instruments and satellite receivers.
Derive data remotely from aerial photographs and satellite imagery.
Analyze and manipulate aerial photographs and satellite imagery using specialized software.
Display and use Geographic Information Systems and digital maps
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