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Friday, 28 December 2018

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Civil Surveyor Certification In Bhakar, Civil Surveyor Certification In Bhakar, Civil Surveyor Certification In Bhakar, Introduction to Land Surveying Course
This first course in a land surveying program includes discussion of land ownership, property rights, laws governing property and definitions of land ownership and other surveying related terms. Students research property ownership through property records. Maps are used to establish property boundaries. Students may be introduced to primary tools for surveying and making maps, such as field equipment, mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) software, GPS (global positioning system) handhelds and computer aided design.When looking at the historical prospective of surveying, it was just started with the measurement of first plane line. However, today, basics of land surveying are same but technologies and instruments have changed. Therefore, we use advance tools, methods and techniques to train our students. When looking at the competitive prospective, currently in Pakistan 98% of Government as well as private institutions are teaching an outdated course outline for chain survey and plan table survey which means that their students are less competitive and unemployed in the market. Whereas, studying this course in ICTE Tech enables students to experience latest standards and techniques which are being used in Europe and Middle East.

Today, ICTE Tech is a symbol of quality and excellence. Our experienced instructors, state of the art infrastructure and best students facilities, provide an excellent academic environment, which makes us distinctive and one of best institutions in Pakistan. This course is focused on developing the skills needed to accurately measure land, air and water space. This course program includes extensive field practice in the use of electronic and optical instruments used for measuring distance, elevations and angles from one point to another.In this context, our students experience live work on latest equipment such as lite auto level GPS, total station electronics laser, and lite DTSA.
Essential Information
Land surveyors establish boundaries of land, water and airspace to determine property ownership. Therefore, land surveying courses prepare students for professional surveying licensure exams. Classes or programs are often found in engineering, architecture or geography departments. Many land surveying classes are part of geomatics programs at colleges and universities, but there are also 1-year certificate and 2-year associate's degree programs in land surveying. In addition to a high school diploma or GED, land surveying programs may ask for related work experience, a certain GPA and the completion of prerequisite coursework.
The core curriculum is similar at both education levels, but additional general education classes are included in the associate's degree program. One of the requirements is some sort of hands-on work, such as an internship or capstone. Distance learning and bachelor's degree programs in the field are other options for aspiring land surveyors.
Computations Course
Using coordinate geometry, instruction is focused on computations necessary to identify survey points on land. Spherical coordinates and Cartesian coordinate systems are discussed. In this course students use advanced computations and thus trigonometry is a prerequisite.
Advanced Course
This highly technical class introduces the concept of creating a flat map, a plane, to describe a curved surface. Geodesy, measuring the shape of the Earth, is introduced. Students learn how to use the North Star to determine direction. Determining errors in precision measurement is covered. This course is one of the last courses taken in a land surveying program.
Plane Surveying Course
Plane surveying introduces students to the skills and technological knowledge required for working in the field. Students learn how to measure, calculate and record direction, distance and elevation using standard field equipment; advanced skills are taught through projects in which students use GPS for data collection and geometric calculations to measure curves. Prerequisites for this technical course are beginning land surveying and trigonometry.
Legal Course
This course is taken after the introduction to land surveying course and plane surveying have been completed. Students practice interpreting and preparing land descriptions for titles according to the U.S. Public Land Survey System. Additional topics include boundary dispute case law, senior rights and title transfers. Strong reading skills are required for this course, which is based on the interpretation and analysis of often complex legal concepts and language.
Public Land Survey System Course
The Public Land Survey System is a U.S. government maintained database of public land. Students interpret data and maps from this survey system to identify and survey public lands. Data quality issues are discussed. This course may be an elective.
•Introduction Civil Surveyor
•Classification of survey
•Civil Serveyor
•Principles of survey
•Chain survey
•Plotting of chain survey
•Compass survey
•Bearing system
•Drawing Scales
•Types of scales
•Technical terms
•Purpose of Leveling
•Plain table survey
•Methods of plane table survey
•Adjustment of Levels
•Total Station Practical Training
•Auto level Practical Training
•Theodolite Practical Training
•GPS Practical Training

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